Cash Control Cape cc distribute and sell only Quorion Products.

We are specialists; we know our product intimately and can therefore give the best possible service and support.

The medium to high end Quorion Products unlike most traditional Cash Registers are highly configurable. This means the stability of solid state memory with state of the art Quorion Qprog configuration programming software.

All machines can be individually tailored to the clients’ specific needs, no “one shoe fits all” mentality! Therefore any of the products could potentially do the job for you.

All are also programmable via PC with Qprog Software.

We do however support the use of Industry Standard Peripheral products such as Epson printers and Honeywell and Motorola bar-code readers.

 Why are Embedded POS systems and ECR’s better than PC-POS?

  • Ease of use — Most cashiers of some standing are familiar with standard ECR operation and workflow, transition to a more sophisticated bar-code scanning and stock control system can therefore proceed with the minimum of disruption.
  • “Horses for courses” — Don’t pay for more than you need! If you own a small grocery store you don’t necessarily need a top of the line touch screen system.
  • Purpose Design — ECR's unlike PC's are designed for use at the point of sale, taking into account the often harsh environments of retail and hospitality, not the relatively easy environment of an office or home office.
  • Longevity — Unlike PC's, ECR's are still designed to last, their purpose design equips them for the appropriate environment, some lasting as long as 20yrs in continuous use! The needs of the retail and hospitality industry are also relatively unchanging (compared to gaming) therefore the rapid development of software does not exist to the same extent and hardware is expected to, and can last longer. Quorion products software is however easily upgradeable with new versions being released several times a year. Unlike for PC's there is also a large thriving market for used Cash Registers, should your business outgrow your present Cash Register.
  • Embedded POS Systems —  You get all the advantages of a PC-POS setup, without the additional headaches. Like ECR's they are purpose designed to last; industrial grade touch screens, fan-less processors, solid state memory instead of vulnerable hard drives. All the necessary hardware is built in instead of loose components resulting in untidy cabling. Embedded operating systems and software mean not paying extra for Windows®, or monthly/annual licenses.
  • More Features — Designed for the sophisticated European an USA markets, continually updated, means that there are more features available than most local PC-POS software; at a fraction of the cost of expensive imported top-of-the-range PC–POS software.
  • Scalable and Upgradable — all systems, from the base, entry level ECR to the top of the range Touch POS systems use the same basic software, so upgrading is seamless and painless. In addition good resale values of ECRs are possible.